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Alyssa and Ben's Wedding

WHEN I was asked to do a winter wedding for Alyssa and Ben, I was a little terrified to be honest. However, even though the day was -30 degrees outside we managed to capture the perfect moments and emotions that these two shared together. Alyssa said she didn't feel comfortable posing in front of cameras but honestly she didn't even know I was taking her pictures with Ben. They were so natural and so comfortable at the end of it all. Plus we had spiced things up with an engagement session a little while before.

Alyssa and Ben have known each other for 13 years and they have a young son together. They finally decided to just jump at the opportunity to become one and Alyssa said she never imagined having a winter wedding.

They are two of the cutest and funniest couples and we all just clicked right away. THEY KNEW and I KNEW that we would be the perfect match.

Nothing gave me more pleasure than to photograph these two and I have made two more friends along the way.

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