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Kiran and Dave's Barbados Wedding

Being from this beautiful country of Barbados myself, I couldn't wait to shoot this couple's wedding! Kiran and Dave were going to have the most magical day on the tropical island. Now destination weddings can be one of those unpredictable things when it comes to Mother Nature. In Barbados it rains almost every day for about 5 minutes. On this day, no such thing happened but we did have an eventful day.

Let's start at the beginning shall we? Kiran and Dave's love story begins about 30 years ago when the two young souls played house together. At the age of 5, Kiran was playing with Barbie and well Dave was too busy hiding from girls. As they grew older, they parted ways as kiddie friends. Kiran moved to two different countries, furthered her education, worked and searched for the love of her life. She had no idea he was waiting at home for her.

Long story short, she came back to Barbados and the two reconnected and the rest is history that ends in a wedding on the beautiful island.

On April 1st 2018, Kiran and Dave tied the knot at the beautiful Accra Beach Resort in Barbados. The day was perfect and magical in every way. They were to get married by the beach on the side of the resort's pool. The beautiful lawn was set up with white chairs and the guests made their way in. The groom was set to arrive and at this time was getting in his car. Yes...he was going to drive himself to his own wedding with his best men. Dave quickly realized he had a flat tire and could not drive to marry his bride. He called some cab companies and no one was available as it was Easter Sunday. No one would answer their phone at the wedding either as they were waiting for the wedding to happen. Panicked but quick thinking Dave did the next best thing....he and his groomsmen hitch hiked. Well this wonderful woman stopped and picked up the guys seeing that they didn't look like murderers or anything.

Meanwhile the bride had no idea and was busy getting dolled up for the man of her dreams.

As Kiran walked down the aisle with her dad and gazed at her husband to be straight ahead, the guests at the pool cheered and stared in awe at the beautiful couple. This destination wedding is one I will never forget because the bride is my baby sister :)

Destination weddings are just a different dynamic and the possibilities are endless with the beaches, the greenery and the stunning hill top views. If you ever decide to get married in Barbados, please take me with you!

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