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Bianca and Doug's Barbados Elopement

Bianca and Doug met when they were just 16 years old in Trinidad. They were friends for years after and always up to random adventures together in Barbados and Trinidad.

Growing up they were close to one another’s family and Doug was over at her home a lot.

One random night, Bianca decided to fly over to Trinidad to see a band at a nightclub.

“Doug and I ended up kissing and next thing I knew, we were one of the last people on the dance floor!”

Bianca felt like it was different with Doug “I know it sounds cheezy but he knew me and the way he looked at me made me want to see myself through his eyes”

After that special night, Doug had to move back to Florida to continue his education. They carried out an online long distance relationship, which most of us know is really difficult to do. They made it a mission to stay in touch with video calls and drinks and dates together on the internet.

Doug and Bianca’s next big adventure took them to Australia for 2 years, where they lived and worked and then eventually camped around the country for 3 months!

Now the happy couple live in Barbados and work together as well. That is a challenge for most people I know! They have 2 adorable baby girls and a love that you only see in the movies.

As a destination photographer, I have to make sure I capture the beauty of the landscapes as well as the beauty of the couple. From what I was told, Doug was a very difficult one to get to crack a smile. I somehow managed to sneak one in there, but I do have to say that the way he looked at her was enough to make the images. Not everyone needs to smile but as long as I can convey the emotional message then I’ve done my job.

We travelled to the East of the island where the scenery was magical and we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing day for weather.

Event planning : ELOPE BARBADOS

Cake: Four and Twenty Bakery

Make up: Brittany Tuleja

Hair by : Lukas Kimbrough-Collins at JANE ‘N’ CO

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