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What to wear to an engagement shoot

One of the hardest parts of an engagement shoot can be trying to figure out what to wear. It's hard enough picking what to wear each morning. Many of my clients ask for tips on how to coordinate two outfits that suit their personalities, looks good on them, and will be flattering in photos. Here are seven of my tips and tricks to creating the perfect engagement shoot outfits.

ONE: don't choose an outfit that doesn't feel like something you'd usually wear

Wearing clothes that make you feel like yourself is key to making your shoot as custom as it can be. As tempting as it can be to scroll through Pinterest trying to find inspiration, don't allow yourself to get too caught up in it. The last thing you want to happen is to receive your photos and feel like your in someone else's clothing. Take your favorite skirt out of the closet or go shopping for something new. Just be sure that you feel confident in what you choose. After all, these are YOUR photos. You're not trying to replicate someone else's engagement shoot.

TWO: wear complimentary colours but don't match

There's nothing worse than seeing photos of couples who are too matchy. Try to stay away from wearing the same colours. Instead, find a colour palette that suits you and work from that. You're always safe with a basic white or black tee, but a{s tempting as it is to stick to the neutrals, don't be afraid to throw in a bit of colour to make a statement.

THREE: be thinking of past and future shoots

As fun as it is to bring lots of colour and patterns to a shoot, keep this in mind when choosing your theme. Will it go well with your wedding? Would it mesh well with the other photos that you've taken together as a couple? Many couples like to have their engagement photos posted somewhere at the wedding or even printing into a book. Be thinking in advance about the mood and theme you'd like all the way up until the wedding.

FOUR: think of your location

Be sure to be thinking about your location when planning outfits. Will there be wind? If so, movement in clothing makes photos that much more interesting. Consider wearing a dress or a skirt to make more movement in the photos.

In the fall or winter, don't be afraid to dress warm. Winter sessions where the couple bundle up in layers can look very sweet. Again, adding a bit more (without making yourselves too bulky) can make the photos that much more interesting.

FIVE: don't forget about the hands

Photographers typically like to take photos of the engagement ring. Don't forget that your hands will be in these photos too. Consider getting a manicure or even coating your nails with a fresh coat of nail polish at home. It would be a shame to look back and the photos and notice you should have put more effort in nail care.

SIX: makeup and hair

Definitely consider doing something a little extra to your hair and makeup for the shoot. What you're not going to want to do is go to extreme with this. Make your hair and makeup look nice but don't go over the top. You'll still want to look like yourself.

SEVEN: wear clothes that fit right

It's important to find clothes that are flattering to your body. Do some research on your body type if you're not too sure. You shouldn't feel bound to making your clothing decisions based on body type but it's sometimes helpful when you're unsure if something compliments you well or not. Especially in the case of men, it's so important to find pants and a shirt that fit properly. Do the arm raising test to see if you are able to move freely but that it's not too baggy.

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