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Katelynn and Bevan's Riverside Wedding

Katelynn and Bevan's day was nothing short of emotional , amazing and full of love. I met them via video chat and right away I could tell how laid back they were. There is nothing I love more than a couple who just takes the day as it comes and the most important thing to them, besides their love, is capturing the story.

The guys don't always love being photographed but when it comes to's a different story.

The Ceremony was held at the gazebo at the Kinghurst Park in Rothesay. A gorgeous setting by the water and we lucked out on the weather. A tad bit windy but still nothing short of beautiful.

For this couple, photos of them together were so important. That's they do this thing called Marriage right? So for me, this is my favourite part and why I love doing weddings so much. Capturing the love!

To end each beautiful day is a reception with all your loved ones. The River's Edge never disappoints. The ambiance , decor and food just make this celebration that much better.

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