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I'm glad you're here! 

My name is Sherry and well yes I'm a photographer. I am also a cake decorator and before that I was a travel agent for over 4 years. I'm born in a tropical island in the Caribbean, Barbados ( by the way I wish I was there escaping this Canadian winter brrrr!). 😱

I lived in India for 4 years of my life, but that's a story for another day . I moved to Canada at the age of 24 to study travel and hospitality. 

I met my wonderful husband here and well he kind of swayed my decision to stay in this beautiful cold country ;) We lived and worked in pregnant...moved to Saint John for my husband's work and I literally changed careers . I went from travel agent to cake decorator( this coming from a girl who never baked in her life) ,to opening my own bakery and making high end wedding cakes. How did I do that ? I followed my path. I listened and surrendered to my calling. I did what I thought would make me happy and it definitely did. 

Now 8 years later, 3 babies later and a camera in my hand, I've taken on a different and exciting path with photography. I chose to listen to myself again. When it feels right then it's right. Being scared doesn't make it wrong, it just means you want it to work that much. 
Well that's just a little bit of boring detail about me and how I got here, NOW I want to know you! 
Feel free to browse some of my pages, follow me on Instagram and Facebook and send me a message just to say hello:) 
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