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Maddie and Kyle July 21st 2018

When Maddie booked my services from Ontario via email, I was beyond excited. I knew that it would be extra special for her, it was a destination wedding sort of. A wedding where they would have family around they haven't seen and bring family along with them from all over. Maddie and I became internet friends you could say but this blog is not about her and me ,as much as I want it to be,It's about her and Kyle.....the love of her life.


Maddie and Kyle met at a Bowling Alley back in 2013 where Maddie was a bartender. So because of this fun fact, they incorporated bowling into their reception and if you bowled all the pins down in one shot, well the couple kissed of course :) Traditions are changing and no one wants broken clinked glasses anymore. I thought it was so unique.


So How did Maddie know Kyle was the one? Well she saw how much respect he had for the women in his family, his sisters and his mom. Maddie immediately knew that he would treat her like she deserved to be. There's nothing like a man that can treat a woman right! Am I right ladies?


Kyle shared that he was most looking forward to Maddie being his for the rest of his life.


Every single detail for this wedding was so thought out and I really commend a bride that can plan a destination wedding from so far away. Not seeing a venue, tasting the food or cake or even meeting vendors in person. I think Maddie did an amazing job with all the details. Just look!


Vendors:Saint John Marina

Cake: Piece O'Cake Custom Creations

Make up: Jecyka Paulin

This day couldn't have been anymore perfect. Maddie was the most beautiful bride. She tried staying calm as best as she could while taking a few breaths in between putting on her dress.

We sneaked out for Sunset photos while we could and I believe it is so worth it to get out for a few minutes. Your guests will wait on you and you can get the party started but these wedding photos will last a lifetime.

I want to say a very special thank you to Maddie and Kyle for letting me create this memory for them. I not only gained two wonderful clients but friends for a lifetime.

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