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8 things to consider about photos on your wedding day

Unless your in the wedding business it's hard to know what sort of things you should be thinking about regarding photos for your big day. I've compiled a list of eight things that will help you communicate clearly to your photographer exactly what you expect from them.

One: Are you wanting getting ready photos?

Getting ready photos are very popular these days. Who wouldn't want to capture as much as they possibly can from their wedding day. These photos are usually full of candid moments that you'll cherish forever. The classic photos of moms helping their daughters lace up their dress happen while you're getting ready. Communicate with your photographer and give them clear times, locations, etc.

Honestly though, light makes a huge difference. If you pick a location that has very minimal light and is a little too tight, then it does show in your photographs, especially if you want the airy look!

Two: What about the groom?

Getting ready photos for the groom aren't as common but they make some really cool candid moments too. I mean is there a better time to capture the groom's real personality then surrounded by his groomsmen. If you plan to get groom getting ready photos make sure you leave enough time for the photographer to get enough photos of both sides. You can even ask about rates for a second shooter for this.

Three: Are you doing a first look?

First looks can capture some really intimate moments. Having a time before the ceremony without people (well, except the photographer) can lead to come really amazing photos. Again, if you plan to do this there is some communicating that needs to happen between the photographer and the bride and groom.

Four: Group family photos

As much as your family makes sense to you, the photographer isn't going to have an idea about who your parents are and who is just someone walking by. Make a detailed list before the day of the wedding explaining what groups of family you'd like to photograph. This will also make the whole process go a lot quicker because you can inform family members before hand where and when they should be there for the photos.

Five: Are there any details you want photographed?

Usually the photographer will take photos of many of the details at your wedding. However, if there is anything that you really don't want to miss, you should make sure the photographer knows. Many brides like to have photos of their shoes, earnings, necklaces, etc. Never assume that the photographer knows what you're thinking.


Six: Special locations for photos?

Where are you planning on talking photos after the ceremony? Are you staying at that location for family photos or are you taking them somewhere else? Are you going somewhere different for couple pictures then where you were for bridal party photos? Consider how long it will take to get from one location to another and plan practically.

Seven: Are you leaving enough time for the photographer to get all the photos you want?

Your wedding day will be packed with things. One of which is photos. Ask your photographer how long they want to take pictures and plan from there. They will know best and can even help you with your time scheduling throughout the day.

Eight: Do you have kids?

If you have children, does your photographer know? Adding more people to the mix when getting your photos can take up more time. Especially if they're young. Communicating this with your photographer will be helpful for them as they plan for the day.

Children at wedding

I hope this things were helpful for you as you plan your busy (but so amazing) day.


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